How do I set up a tour of your facility?

Call (620) 433-0330 or email We are always happy to show off our barn!

How much is your venue?

Rental fees are as follows; $350 up to 50 people; $475 up to 75 people; and $600 up to 100 people. In addition to rental fee, there shall be a security deposit, in the amount of $200.00, to be used only in the event of property damage and or clean up services after the event. Security deposit shall be refunded only after inspection of property by the owners. Any damage and or clean up services shall be deducted from said security deposit at the owners discretion.

How much is due to reserve your barn?

One half, (1/2), of rental fee OR the security deposit, (which ever is least amount), shall be required to hold date. 21 day written notice of cancellation of date required for refund of deposit. Balance of all monies shall be due and payable 24 hours prior to event date.

What does the rental fee include?

Rental fee covers the use of the barn, including the use of tables and chairs on site. Outdoor events which require the use of an additional barn and/or the use of the pond dock will have a added fee.

Do I have to clean up after my event?

Yes. Clean up shall be conducted no later than 12 hours after the event, at which point owners may begin clean up and charging against the security deposit. Clean up shall consist of the removal of all decorations put in place for the event, both inside the barn and outside the surrounding area. In addition, any trash, cans, bottles, cigarette butts, etc. are to be removed as well. All clean up material shall be properly disposed of.

Are there changing rooms available for a bride/groom for a wedding?

At this time, there are no rooms available for a bridal party, however, it is in the works! A camper could be brought in if needed. 

Will you have someone to assist me during the event?

Always! We want your experience to be perfect!

Will we have time available for a dress rehearsal for our event if we schedule a wedding or a ceremony?

We will accommodate all request. You are allowed access to the barn/property 24 hours before your scheduled event, so you may choose to use this for rehearsal time and/or decorating time.

What is the seating capacity?

On the main floor, with tables, approx. 50. With chairs only, approx 80. Hayloft capacity with chairs, approx. 90. The capacity is limitless for outside the barn.

Do you act as a 'party planner' and help organize services provided by your business partners?    Yes!

Yes, we will help in any way to connect you to our venders for items such as a catered meal, carriage ride, wedding cake, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have adequate parking for my guests?

Yes. Parking shall be in designated areas only. In the event of rain or wet soil, a plan B for parking will be put in place by the owners.

How long can my event last?

A typical event would be from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Special accommodations can be made if this does not fit your event.  

Is your facility Handicap Accessible?

This facility is not handicapped accessible; (we do have ramps for doorway), therefore it is your responsibility to accommodate any person with special needs.

It is also understood by all parties that this facility is a barn and therefore does not meet all building code regulations. Because of this, caution should be used at all times, especially while traversing stairway to the hayloft floor.

Do you have a dress-code suggestion?

Due to the nature of the rustic barn ambiance, all flooring and terrain surrounding the barn is  variable. High-heel shoes are NOT recommended.

Will you have air conditioning or heat available for my event?

At this time, air conditioning is not available. We encourage you to educate your guests during the warm summer months to dress accordingly. However, we have a small heater for use on the main floor of the barn for those cooler evenings.

Is alcohol allowed at my event?

It is your, the renting party's, sole discretion whether or not to allow alcoholic beverages at your event. Under no circumstances will the owners of the “barn” supply any alcoholic beverages. The renting party assumes all liability associated with any issues that may arise from the consumption of alcoholic beverages, including but not limited to, removal of guest who may be causing trouble or destruction to property. Owners reserve the right to remove any guest deemed to be problem. It is also understood, by All parties, that this is a private event. 

Can my guests smoke at your barn?

Absolutely NO smoking or open flames within the confines of the barn. Smoking is only allowed at designated smoking areas outside the barn. No illegal substances will be tolerated.

What features does your barn have?

The Rusty Nail Barn has multiple outlets throughout the facility to accommodate your electrical needs. We have a TV and a DVD player, refrigerator, cooking stove and microwave, Wi-Fi is available. Every event/wedding is different, so decorations are your responsibility. We do not provide any décor for events, just the barn and the surrounding area. Ice is not available on-site. unless you want to crack ice cube trays. :)